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Verified News Network (VNN) is an independent news network based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

News You Can Trust

Our PlugIn app is a first-of-its-kind social medium designed exclusively for news. Join us today.

In-App Features

Custom Feeds

Users have the option to block sources and topics they don’t want to see, and select the kind of news they would like to see in specialized content feeds.

Verified Information

Content is verified through VNN tech filters and human moderators. Tech filters include but are not limited to GPS location verification, profanity blockers, and graphic content detection.

Verified Sources

Sources are broken down into four main categories: officials, staff, experts and citizens. Once a source has been verified by VNN moderators, they will be able to upload and view content.

Publish Stories

With the upload feature, users are not only able to watch and read the latest news; they can have an active role in it. All users are able to upload news content. Citizens and experts are also able to upload opinion content.

Doing News Better

If you read or see it on VNN, you know what you are getting has been verified for accuracy and relevance. You don’t have to struggle with sorting out fact from fiction. You decide the news you want to see, and don’t want to see. And best of all, the sources of information are all right there- information transparency like never before.