The VNN app is a first-of-its-kind social news media platform moderated by AI technology and a community flagging system.

Users register as a citizen, official, expert, journalist, or affiliate.

Journalists undergo the most stringent verification by our staff, citizens the most lenient.

All are upheld to the same journalistic standard.

We’re focused on improving the news industry for journalists. VNN develops news entrepreneurship roadmaps and resources so our partner journalists can excel at quality storytelling, fill coverage gaps, and earn a living.

VNN affiliates extend their impact through our continued efforts to reach diverse audiences. Affiliate stories in the VNN app provide their canonical links in the second paragraph and include their unique calls to action to maximize benefit.

Officials use the VNN app to get their news out to the public, including but not limited to law enforcement, state agencies, and lawmakers. For VNN-managed accounts, news releases are pulled from verified online sources and uploaded to their profile.

We love expert reports. Our expert category is comprised of business owners and industry professionals. Other VNN users may ask them to lend their expertise to additional news stories.

Citizens are the heart of the Verified News Network. Citizens can upload news to the VNN app as it’s happening, help moderate uploaded content using VNN’s flagging system, and provide valuable feedback in the comments section.

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Once registered, users can upload stories, leave comments, and like and dislike content.

Users can also customize their news feeds and location preferences and personalize their user profile.

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