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Calling All Journalists!
Want to be your own boss?

If you work in the journalism industry, you’re familiar with the concept of the “MMJ” or multimedia journalist position.

Affectionately named (or maybe not) the “one-man-band”, despite the fact that a majority of MMJs are women, this role consists of pitching story ideas, gathering interviews, filming video, writing scripts, recording tracks, and editing it all together.

Throw in nerve wracking pitch meetings, crazy short deadlines and long hours with few breaks, and that is the life of your typical MMJ.

Now take into account that all of this hard work is usually done for little pay with fewer available positions every year. It’s no wonder more and more journalists are throwing in the towel, and moving on to the greener pastures of public relations.

VNN Founder Brittany Harlow wasn’t happy with traditional news. But she didn’t want to move on. Instead, she started building a platform for journalists like her to be their own news boss.

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