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  • Stitt declares Dec. 3 as statewide day of prayer and fasting for Oklahomans affected by COVID-19

    (OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.) Governor Kevin Stitt announced Monday he is declaring Thursday, Dec. 3 as a statewide day of prayer and fasting for all Oklahomans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  “Oklahomans have always turned to prayer to guide us through trials and seasons of uncertainty, and I am asking Oklahomans of all faiths and religious backgrounds to join together with me on Thursday,” said…

  • Urgent Update on Changes in Student Learning Modes

    “Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to closely monitor COVID-19 data in our district, city, and county. We are in near-daily contact with the Tulsa Health Department, as well as a group of medical professionals, including pediatricians,” TPS Superintendent Deborah Gist said in a letter to parents and faculty on Monday. “Based on our conversations with Tulsa Health Department Executive Dir…

  • Rain/snow mix possible midweek

    (TULSA, Okla.) The last of the clouds should clear northwest Arkansas by midnight as strong subsidence occurs on the back side of the departing system. Winds remained strong Sunday evening with occasional gusts at or above 30 mph due to a strong isallobaric gradient across the southeast quarter of Oklahoma. Winds will gradually lower as the gradient relaxes but with the center of the surface …

  • Annual Urban League giveaway highlights need amidst pandemic

    (BROOME COUNTY, N.Y.) The Broome County Urban League hosted its annual Thanksgiving giveaway this week. The giveaway included a total of 26 turkeys and over 70 prepared meals. There were absolutely no requirements needed; all you had to do was show up to go home with your holiday turkey. Organizers said this year’s giveaway was notably different than years' prior. With the global pandemic str…

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