Diverse coverage begins with diverse journalists. 

The narrow mainstream perspective didn’t happen by chance. It’s the product of a century of one dominant narrative- and it doesn’t appear that will change any time soon.

At VNN, we don’t think it’s right that women and minorities only stand a fraction of a chance of advancement in the news industry. That news organizations continue to see record layoffs and shutdowns at a time when they’re needed most. And the journalists who stay committed have to risk their lives to do so.

Our independent network safeguards local news coverage by equipping journalists with the resources they need for success:

  • Social News Media CMS
  • Online Library of Resources
  • Sales and Fundraising Coaching
  • Dedicated Donation Page
  • VNN Business Cards
  • VNN Media Badge
  • Monthly Feedback and Support

VNN offers a multitude of revenue streams for news entrepreneurs and awards prizes to top performers.

And perhaps most important of all, we empower our partner journalists by offering a path to become company owners.

“It is so rewarding to become a part-owner of VNN. I am so proud to be part of an independent news network such as VNN and all that it stands for. I value the journalism that VNN brings to the table and it is an honor to be part of the team.”

– Rocky Brown, Senior Journalist

“I feel blessed to own part of a company that has its eyes on the future and values good journalism, which is more important than ever at this moment in time. Being a part of VNN gives me the opportunity to tell stories that matter to my community. I am grateful to be part of a news network that focuses on local stories that matter, and also meets people where they are: online. There is nothing else like VNN.”

– Rachael Schuit, Senior Journalist

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