How we choose journalists to partner with VNN

Verified News Network is constantly striving to build up our foundation of diverse storytellers.

We put the word out on job sites and social media 1-3 times per year, stressing the fact that we are a non-traditional network looking for partners who want to do news differently.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or a similar field, or comparable work experience to become a partner journalist.

Other requirements include:

  • Broad understanding of news and the media industry in general
  • Excellent storytelling skills
  • Excellent mobile technology skills
  • Ability to manage multiple social media accounts
  • Ability to edit video with LumaFusion app or similar mobile editing software
  • Ability to multitask
  • Ability to work independently

We review the applicants who apply and prioritize journalists who live in states that don’t yet have VNN partner journalists.

After we select potential partners, we email them with more information about what working with VNN is like. For instance, our partner journalists are essentially their own boss. They set their own hours and cover stories they feel are most important to their communities, while focusing on our three broad pillars of coverage: diversity, small business, and female entrepreneurship.

We also provide the applicants with more information about the ways we fund our local stories (news sponsors and subscriptions, to name a couple) and information about our journalist vesting program (in which journalists can become part company owners).

Next, we set up on-camera interviews. These interviews allow VNN Director Brittany Harlow to learn not only more about each applicant’s professional background, but also what drives their storytelling. We weed out anyone who can’t look past their own biases and opinions and embrace diversity whenever possible.

Those who make the cut receive our VNN Journalist agreement to sign and send back. Once we get it back, our new partner journalist gains access to our media library full of training and other resources to grow VNN in their community.

If you’re interested in becoming a VNN Journalist, fill out our form here.