How to verify news

Step 3: Grow Your News Body

After you’ve learned how to vet sources (here) and evaluate content (here), it’s time to exercise those muscles by expanding your body of news.

Diversify your content sources. We do this at VNN by providing content from a variety of contributors like journalists, non-profit news organizations, and officials, to name a few. Why? Because we know a multiplicity of perspectives and backgrounds is necessary for developing well-rounded viewpoints.

Here’s a list of some more unbiased news organizations to get you started. 

Think about it. If you only see and interact with content from one source, you are:

  • Minimizing your opportunity to be properly informed, a key component of optimal decision-making
  • Missing out on experiencing life through the lens of other people and cultures
  • Risking personal growth and enlightenment from better understanding the nature of our world and your place in it

We’re not saying you have to agree with every other viewpoint. Just witnessing and appreciating them for what they are is enough.

It’s a big news world out there. Now that you’ve learned the steps to verifying news, it’s time to go explore all of its worth!