VNN Frequently Asked Questions

Updated 5/17/2021

VNN Affiliate FAQ

Who are VNN Affiliates?

VNN accepts a wide range of Affiliates to showcase, share and monetize content on the VNN app. This includes independent news organizations, graphic artists and college news outlets. 

How much do VNN Affiliates earn? 

VNN Affiliates receive 50 percent of the AdSense revenue generated from news stories they upload. This revenue is based on two RPM (revenue-per-mile) measurements, dealing with page views and/or page impressions per thousand. 

VNN’s Page RPM currently averages at about $2.99. VNN’s Impression RPM currently averages at about $3.15. 

For example, an Affiliate who shares a story on the VNN app that is viewed 50,000 times can expect to receive a revenue share of $74.75. 

Why does VNN take a 50 percent revenue share of Affiliate content? 

VNN recently completed development of its new social news media platform, the VNN app. VNN will keep a 50 percent revenue share from Affiliate content until the app’s first phase development costs are paid off. At that time VNN’s revenue share will drop to 10 percent, which will go toward app maintenance and development. 

That means VNN Affiliates will then be able to receive 90 percent of the AdSense revenue generated from news stories they upload.

Even if I can monetize my content through the VNN app, won’t this take away from potential revenue I could be earning elsewhere? 

We do not want to take away from revenue our Affiliates are making elsewhere. 

At VNN, we work specifically on cultivating a welcome environment for Millennials and GenZ where we can share news and information as well as test innovative concepts. 

We feel the traditional news industry has struggled to connect with these age groups in the past but, through our goal of creating a platform to share content younger generations need and appreciate, our Affiliates can benefit from tapping into audiences they might not otherwise reach on their own.  

VNN Collaboration FAQ 

Why was VNN Collaboration created? 

Because we are stronger together than we are apart. 

VNN was founded by a multimedia journalist (MMJ), so we know how hard it is to do everything yourself. We know how hard it is to create the news product on your own, to build up an audience on your own, to fund local journalism on your own. 

That is why we have taken our years of hard work and determination and turned it into a vehicle other independent journalists and news organizations can use to reap the benefits. 

What kinds of benefits? 

As mentioned above, VNN Journalists and Affiliates can use the VNN app to showcase and share their content. Affiliates are even able to monetize their content through the VNN app. 

VNN Collaboration, a collaborative effort geared specifically toward digital video news, takes it a few steps further. First, we have created a hub for independent journalists and news organizations to connect and collaborate on news stories. 

Second, we exercise our power in numbers. In order to monetize YouTube, a channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers. This is a difficult hurdle to clear in the beginning of any news venture. By pooling the content of VNN Journalists and Affiliates, VNN Collaboration can hit that subscriber mark sooner. 

The revenue generated from VNN Collaboration videos on the VNN YouTube channel will then be split 90/10. 90 percent of revenue earned on each video will be divided evenly between the Journalist and Affiliate collaborators who produced it. VNN will take 10 percent for maintenance and development of the VNN app. 

How else does VNN Collaboration help grow independent journalists and news organizations? 

Videos produced as part of VNN Collaboration may also contain additional information about each VNN Journalist and Affiliate’s own brand, including but not limited to links to websites, other social media and individual YouTube channels. 

Who is eligible to collaborate on news projects through VNN Collaboration? 

Users who are registered as Journalists or Affiliates on the VNN app. 

How do I register as a Journalist or Affiliate on the VNN app? 

If you are interested in becoming a VNN Journalist or Affiliate, email [email protected].

VNN is constantly experimenting with new projects and ideas. The above information is subject to change as our network evolves.